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Location data encompasses all of the information related to a particular facility, office, physician or other medical professional. At its most fundamental level, location data includes name (facility or individual), address, phone number, and hours of operation.

Useful Data Points

  • GPS coordinates for directions (the "pin drop" found on a digital map)

  • Emergency, holiday, and other variable hours of operation

  • Practice-specific points of entry to a facility

  • Insurance affiliations

  • Educational content

  • System affiliations

  • ACO affiliations

  • Certifications

  • Specialties

  • Ratings

  • Photos

  • Videos

  • URLs

Each of these data points helps shape the patient search journey in different ways. As a patient learns more about their condition, their search behavior moves from generic to specific and universal to local. As a result, location data is about far more than name, address, and phone number - it becomes increasingly about answer questions about who serves my community, my condition, and my demographics.


  1. Improved Patient Experience: Accurate location data eliminates the frustration of bad directions, phone numbers, and hours of operation. This ensures that no matter the device or channel used, patients get to where they need to be without friction or frustration.

  2. Improved Physician Relations: Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA), physicians have increasingly moved facilities, merged practices, and joined an ever-changing assortment of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). These ongoing changes have felt physician location data in disarray. Indeed, many high-profile physicians have changed affiliations only to find themselves still listed online at their prior facility. Accurate location data eliminates these frustrations, ensuring that new physicians are able to attract new patients, as intended.

  3. Increased Search Engine Visibility: Consistent location data across the web helps search engines, like Google, better assess the value of your information, including any linked websites. This, in turn, boosts the visibility of your listings on relevant, local search terms - the only grail of any Local SEO effort - and increases your ability to attract and acquire new patients.

  4. Consistent Brand Presence: As healthcare brands become important to distinguish the quality and nature of care, accurate location data ensures your brand is associated with its most current roster of facilities and physicians. This helps aid patient recall and loyalty.

  5. Increased Operational Efficiency: Properly managed location data eliminates manual, duplicative processes. Moreover, it increases the efficacy of all your marketing efforts. People who search for you will find your accurate location data everywhere, so you won't hear from lost patients or frustrated physicians.


Fixing bad location data internally is a major step for many healthcare providers—but most also struggle to correct and control how that data appears to consumers online.  Our listings solution puts healthcare providers in full control of their listings on 60+ third-party maps, apps, social networks, and search engines—including Google, Apple Maps, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo.


Without out solution, third-party sites gather data about your physicians and facilities from a variety of sources, ranging from Chamber of Commerce records to data aggregators. Collecting this data can take months, and with increasing practice consolidation and doctors moving in and out of networks, it can often become outdated before it even appears to patients online.


Healthcare providers can’t rely on this old system of data aggregators and manual submission to keep up with their changing information and direct patients to the right place. When it comes to medical care, stakes are simply too high to risk sending a patient to a closed office or the wrong facility.


Our listings solution puts you in control over the location data that appears for your physicians, facilities, and brand. Healthcare providers can update their location data in real time and publish it across Google, Apple, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, and 60+ other sites, maps, apps, search engines, and directories—all with a single click.  Our solution creates new opportunities for you to engage with potential patients who have yet to form any affinity for a specific healthcare provider.


Accuracy, consistency, time-savings, and increased visibility - they are the benefits you reap when leveraging our solution to manage your listings and publish them to our network.

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